Village Vending

Local village shopping - out of hours sales - automated retailing.

About Us

The business started in 2011, with a mission to provide outdoor, automated convenience stores giving 24/7 service close to communities.

We were unable to find a machine that was versatile enough for the wide range of products that we wished to sell, and so we designed and manufactured our own machines, known as "The Speedy Shop" (TM) at our factory in Derbyshire, UK.

We have been operating our own machines in our local area for three years and have refined and developed the design of the machine over that time. As operators we know all about the day to day running of the machines and therefore have a unique insight into their operation.

We have machines in small villages, at blocks of flats, and on university campuses. We provide 24/7 convenience shopping to thousands of customers daily.

The machine is fully weatherproof, temperature controlled, and has a number of sophisticated security features. It takes coins, notes, cards and all card and contactless payments, and the exterior cladding of the machine can be custom designed to blend in with its surroundings. The machine can be configured in an almost unlimited number of ways to retail a wide range of goods at all temperatures. Rural operators may be able to access grants and rates relief.

We are now able to offer our machines for sale or rent to operators who wish to provide a service of this nature. At present we are manufacturing for the UK market, but we are interested in international opportunities where a collaboration with a suitable manufacturer can be arranged.