Village Vending

Local village shopping - out of hours sales - automated retailing.

About Us

The business started in 2011, originally as a mission to buck the trend of the constant demise of small village shops. Unable to find a suitably versatile automated retailing solution, we designed our own machines "The Speedy Shop" (TM) and "The Foodcube" (TM) from scratch in our manufacturing facility in Derbyshire.

Now established and in service, our designs, which have generated a number of patent applications, are intended for locations where traditional retailing is not viable, or where 24/7 service is required. We have two models in the field - the original 'Speedy Shop' and the more recent two compartment 'Foodcube'.

We install, run, stock and maintain a number of shops in our own locality. We are also planning to start discussions with operators who wish to run a machine themselves in late 2016. Contact us to be kept up to date with information on this.

Typical sites include village pubs, community centres, churches, and college and university campuses, as well as existing shops who want to extend their opening hours. The machine is fully weatherproof and has a number of sophisticated security features. It takes coins, notes, cards and contactless and the exterior cladding of the machine is custom designed to blend in with its surroundings. Rural operators may be able to access grants and rates relief.

If you are a village publican, church or community hall, or a retailer or educational establishment, you will be attracting local people to your premises and providing a valuable service to the community.